Rechargeable fingerprint scanner, wireless including eqiva BLUETOOTH® Smart Lock

The ekey uno fingerprint with battery and radio in combination with the eqiva BLUETOOTH® Smart Lock drive makes the key a relic of the past. The battery-powered retrofit solution is suitable for all common and existing doors - without drilling, caulking or wiring.

The fingerprint in detail:

  • On surface mounting in just a few minutes
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • Up to 200 fingers or 20 users storable
  • Recommended mounting height: 110cm
  • Average battery life of 6 months
  • Administration via free ekey uno app
  • Incl. battery and power adapter
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The battery-powered complete set with fingerprint and door lock actuator

You would like to open your existing front door with your finger in the future? No problem, the ekey uno fingerprint with battery and radio in combination with the eqiva BLUETOOTH® Smart Lock drive allows you smart and keyless access - without having to drill, mortise or wire during installation. You will therefore remain flexible and free in the future - whether it's a rented apartment, your own home or a company building. Since the ekey uno has a powerful, rechargeable battery, you don't have to worry about a fixed power supply via cable.

ekey uno - your fingerprint with battery and radio
Thanks to the ekey uno fingerprint with battery and radio, you can finally delete the word „house key“ from your vocabulary. Because from now on it is: YOUR FINGER - YOUR KEY.

  • Easy installation in just a few minutes - without drilling, caulking or wiring.
  • Never worry about forgotten or misplaced keys again.
  • The fingerprint automatically detects the growth of children's fingers.
  • A terrific relief for your everyday life - smart and convenient.
  • The finger to unlock the front door is always with you.
  • Initial commissioning and ongoing administration via free ekey uno app.

ekey uno - Manage your fingerprint easily and conveniently via app
The free ekey uno app makes the initial commissioning of the fingerprint a straightforward matter, because you are guided step by step through the commissioning. Assigning access authorizations can also be done easily and conveniently via the app. Furthermore, you can define time windows in which, for example, your dog sitter or your household help is granted access to your own four walls. You determine and manage the respective weekdays and times. Click here to download the ekey uno app for free:

ekey uno - Child's play access for big and small
Families with children in particular appreciate the advantages of a fingerprint access solution. Because who does not know it? Children lose their house keys or carelessly pass them on to third parties. Waiting for hours in front of the locked front door is now a thing of the past, because your child will no longer be able to forget a key, but will be able to open the front door simply and intuitively with his or her finger. Another advantage: thanks to the proven ekey technology, the ekey uno recognizes the growth of children's fingers, so that it is not necessary to store them again due to growth.

eqiva BLUETOOTH® Smart Lock- For all common and existing doors
For retrofitting doors with mechanical double cylinder lock, the eqiva Türschlossantrieb represents the perfect solution. It unlocks the door for you by radio signal after you have placed your finger on the ekey uno fingerprint.

  • The installation of the eqiva Türschlossantrieb takes place on the door inside.
  • The eqiva door lock acutator turns for you the key and unlocks or.
  • The eqiva door lock acutatoris operated with 3 pcs AA batteries (batteries included, runtime with ordinary use about 6 months).

 Good reasons für the battery-powered retrofitting set

  • The installation of the battery-powered complete set does not require any preparations, since no fixed power supply by cable is necessary.
  • You can dismantle the products at any time again without residue and thus also use in your rental property.
  • If you change your home or move, you can take the products with you to the new home without any problems.

The scope of delivery of your battery-powered retrofitting set

  • ekey uno fingerprint with battery and radio
    • ekey uno fingerprint with radio
    • ekey uno battery
    • ekey uno plug power supply to charge the battery
    • Assembly material
    • First steps guide
    • Information about 3 years quality guarantee

  • eqiva BLUETOOTH® Smart Lock
    • eqiva door lock actuator
    • 3 pieces AA batteries
    • Installation material
    • Operating instructions
    • Code cards

 What are you waiting for?  Discover the smart power duo now.

More Information
IP Code IP54
EAN code 9120068252751
Surface Kunststoff
Production component AP
Number of fingers 200
Material Kunststoff ASA-PC|Kunststoff PMMA
Power type DC
Maximum supply voltage 8,4 V
Minimum supply voltage 6,3 V
Maximum operating temperature 60 °C
Minimum operating temperature -20 °C
Width 53,13 mm
Length/Height 114,72 mm
FRR 1:100
FAR 1:10 000 000
Color Fingerprint Scanner White
Smart Lock eqiva Smart Lock White
Power Supply rechargeable battery
Color xLine Set White
Color Fingerprint Scanner White
Power Supply rechargeable battery
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