The awards of the ekey uno fingerprint scanner

 PROTECTOR AWARD The best security products 2019

The silver PROTECTOR Award

Every year the PROTECTOR Award selects the best security products in the categories of video surveillance, access control and hazard detection technology.

The 2019 PROTECTOR Awards were presented at the Sicherheitsexpo in Munich on June 27. With our innovative retrofitting set, we achieved 2nd place – from among a total of 22 submissions from well-known companies!

How the ekey uno fingerprint scanner wins customers over:

  • Smart product innovation for self-assembly
  • The latest processor and sensor technology
  • Simple initial activation and operation
  • Suitable for outdoor use and IP54 certified
  • LED light frame for displaying the state and actions of the device

More information about the winners of the PROTECTOR Award 2019 can be found here.

ekey uno Fingerprint - Protector Award 2019 Silber

Smart retrofitting set

Now give your existing entrance door a smart upgrade and open it with your finger!

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