Rechargeable fingerprint scanner, wireless including Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 white

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With the ekey uno lock set with Nuki Smart Lock 3.0, you can conveniently open the door with your finger without the need for a key, smartphone or card. The wireless, self-mounting set üconvince with practical features such as flexible access authorizations for friends and service providers, the possibility to query the door status and much more.

The fingerprint in detail:

  • Surface mounting in just a few minutes
  • Für exterior and interior suitable
  • Up to 200 fingers or. 20 users
  • Recommended mounting height: 110cm
  • Average battery life of 6 months
  • Administration via free ekey uno app
  • Incl. battery and plug-in power supply
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The battery-powered complete set with fingerprint and smart lock.

With the retrofit set consisting of ekey uno and Nuki your door gets a smart upgrade. Thanks to the ekey uno, you open or lock the door easily with your finger - without key, smartphone, card or code. The patented software algorithm from ekey ensures that only authorized persons can unlock or lock the door. Functions such as flexible access authorizations for family, friends, cleaning staff, etc. make your everyday life even easier.

Wireless retrofit kit for self-installation

You don't have a power supply at your front door and are afraid of the construction effort for an access solution? With the battery-powered ekey uno retrofit set, you don't need any wiring and you can install it yourself. This means that you will remain flexible in the future - regardless of whether you want to use the ekey uno in a single-family home, a weekend residence or a business premises.

Secure access for the whole family

Families with children in particular appreciate the ekey uno fingerprint. Keyless access means children can always get into the house without any problems - whether they're coming home from school, playing at a friend's house or other exciting adventures. What's more, ekey's intelligent technology recognizes the growth of children's fingers, so there's no need to re-enter due to growth spurts.

Authorize your everyday helpers

The ekey uno fingerprint allows you to define time windows in which, for example, your dog sitter or domestic help is granted access to your four walls. You determine and manage the respective days of the week and times. An access log helps you keep track of who opened or locked the door to your home and when.

Simple operation and management

The weatherproof, battery-powered ekey uno fingerprint is mounted outdoors and recognizes the fingers of authorized persons. The battery-powered door lock Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 is mounted on the inside of the door on the lock cylinder. If the person is authorized to enter, the Fingerprint sends a radio signal (BLE) to the Smart Lock. This unlocks (or locks) the door.
The management is done via the free ekey uno app. Here you can record up to 200 fingers, define the time windows for access and view the access log. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices:

To App Store (iOS 11 or later)

To Google Play (Android 7 and above)

The ekey uno retrofit set is right for you because ...

... you are looking for an innovative and practical access solution that makes your everyday life easier
... you want to authorize your family, friends and everyday helpers to enter conveniently and easily
... you want your child to be able to enter the house flexibly at any time without having to take anything with him or her
... the operation with the finger is intuitive
... the system is compatible with all common locking cylinders (incl. knob cylinders)
... the installation can be done easily by yourself
... you do not have a fixed power supply at the door and still want to use the advantages of a fingerprint
... you trust Europe's No. 1 in fingerprint access solutions

The scope of delivery of your mains-powered retrofit set

ekey uno fingerprint with battery and radio

Nuki Smart Lock 3.0

More Information
IP Code IP54
EAN code 9120068257374
Surface Kunststoff
Production component AP
Number of fingers 200
Material Kunststoff ABS/PC|Kunststoff PMMA
Power type DC
Maximum supply voltage 8,4 V
Minimum supply voltage 6,3 V
Maximum operating temperature 60 °C
Minimum operating temperature -20 °C
Width 53,13 mm
Length/Height 114,72 mm
FRR 1:100
FAR 1:10 000 000
Color Fingerprint Scanner White
Smart Lock Nuki 3.0 White
Power Supply rechargeable battery
Color xLine Set White
Color Fingerprint Scanner White
Power Supply rechargeable battery
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