The advantages at a glance

The fingerprint scanner makes your everyday life easier.

Enjoy freedom

No more keys, your finger is always on hand.
Just open and close the door, and go!

Simply practical

Assign access authorizations to your dog sitter,
cleaning staff or neighbors.

Never get locked out again

Your children simply open the door with their
finger without a key, smartphone, code or card.

The perfect retrofitting set for secure and keyless access!

ekey uno Fingerprint in weiß und schwarz

Why the fingerprint scanner?
Your finger is always on hand!

  • Simply unlock your front door with your finger
  • Locking without a key, smartphone, code or card
  • No more forgotten, misplaced, lost or stolen keys
  • Never again worry about keys that you have lent out or the possibility of them being lost
  • Carefree access for your children too
  • No more illegal copies of keys

ekey uno – the fingerprint scanner for everyone

Einsatzbereiche Mietwohnung

Rental apartment

Stay flexible and independent

Einsatzbereiche Mietwohnung

Personal home

Ideal for the entire family


Upgrade for businesses and offices

Order your smart retrofitting set for existing doors now.

Discover the smart world of ekey uno

Mounting in detail

Is the retrofitting set compatible with my door?

Administration via app

Very easy via smartphone or tablet

Retrofit your door

Finished in minutes

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