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Give your door a smart upgrade!

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Do you want

to open your existing entrance door with your finger?

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Are you looking

for a smart retrofitting set with fingerprint scanner?

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Are you

not in the mood for complicated and time-consuming mounting?

In just 4 steps to your perfect solution

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1st Step

Mount your Nuki Smart Lock or eqiva door lock actuator on the inside of your door.

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2nd Step

Attach the fingerprint scanner at an optimal height of 110 cm using adhesive strips or screws.

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3rd Step

The ekey uno app (starting from iOS 11 and Android 7) guides you step by step through the initial activation.

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4th Step

Store your finger and open the door very easily with the ekey uno fingerprint scanner.

The ekey uno retrofitting set for DIY mounting!

The advantages of the ekey uno retrofitting set

  • Suitable for all standard doors with a mechanical double cylinder lock
  • ekey uno is suitable for outdoor areas
  • Easy mounting within minutes
  • No drilling, chiseling or wiring
  • Residue-free removal possible
  • Secure and keyless access
ekey uno Fingerprint - Akkubetrieben

Order your smart retrofitting set for existing doors now.