ekey uno Fingerprint in weiß und schwarz

Open your front door with just your finger!

ekey uno rechargeable fingerprint scanner, wireless

✓ Never misplace your keys again

Everyday situations with the ekey uno fingerprint scanner


Enjoy freedom

Would you like to go outside without worrying about your house key? Then the ekey uno fingerprint scanner is the right solution for you!

Especially during outdoor activities such as jogging, cycling, inline skating or just taking a walk, you often have no space for the keychain or don’t want to carry it around with you. You want to have your hands free so you can just get started!

That is why we recommend the ekey uno fingerprint scanner: This makes your key a thing of the past! When you come home from working out, all you need to do is put your finger on the ekey uno fingerprint scanner and your door will open – simply smart.


Simply practical

Your dog sitter, cleaning staff or even neighbors now receive access authorizations with personalized time slots. Because with the ekey uno fingerprint scanner, you determine when someone – and most importantly who – enters your home!

If, for example, your neighbor waters the flowers while you are on vacation, all they have to do is put their finger on the ekey uno fingerprint scanner and the door opens. You can revoke access authorization at any time using your smartphone.

External service providers, such as dog sitters and cleaning staff, now have it easier. They can do their work at the times you set. Tedious key management is a thing of the past.


Never get locked out again

The ekey uno fingerprint scanner is particularly practical for children, because the using it is child’s play and also really cool – put your finger on it and the front door opens as if by magic!

Another advantage for children: You can no longer lose the key, forget it, or give it to someone else. Because from now on, your finger is the key! The times of desperate door-ringing and waiting for hours in front of a locked door are over.

Thanks to the ekey uno fingerprint scanner, children can always get into the house without any problems – regardless of whether they come home from school, playing with friends or other exciting adventures. This means that parents no longer have to worry about whether their children have arrived safely.

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